Your financial support in 2020 
enabled us to:

 Take IN  465  dogs who needed help and
Adopt OUT 384  dogs in to loving forever homes.

We had $31,801 in medical expenses last year.

We appreciate and rely heavily on your donations to help us meet those expenses, some of which include:

Spay/neuter = 211
5N1 shots = 930
Rabies shots = 179
Exams requiring medications, injections,  x-rays = 258

Major Surgeries = 56
Dental cleanings or extractions = 43


Your tax deductible donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 512 Rosamond, CA 93560 or you can donate using the PayPal links below.


You can help provide us with items essential for the daily operations at the rescue.  Please consider purchasing food, treats and supplies through Amazon and having them sent directly to us.


Special Needs Dogs

In the past few years we have had GoFundMe campaigns designed to raise extra funds for some special needs dogs.  These dogs had medical expenses above and beyond what is usually required to prepare a dog for adoption. Our amazing donors made the following outcomes possible.



Joe (originally named Kujo) was found in the summer of 2017 wandering in the desert and was likely hit by a car. He had a broken wrist and damaged shoulder that ultimately healed on its own, but left him with a noticeable limp.  Joe was adopted December 2018

Coco 6.JPG


Coco was born in 2017 with a deformed front left leg which required amputation when she was just 4.5 months old. She made a fast and complete recovery and was adopted by her foster family. She enjoys rambunctious play with her two terrier "brothers". 



Amy came to us in 2017 with a severely crushed right foreleg. Between October 2017 and May 2018 Amy underwent three surgeries and massive amounts of antibiotics to save her leg. She has been cleared for adoption by our vet, however the leg is still healing inside, so she’ll need to take it easy for awhile. Amy is still looking for a permanent home.

Atlas 9.22 (2) fx.jpg


At the end of August 2018 we encountered a lost dog in dire need of medical attention. He had a severely injured right eye when found which our Veterinarian removed immediately. He also has a clouded left eye making him legally blind, which means the eye may be of some use helping him discern shadows and light, but he can’t see as he should. We have already noticed how well he is listening and adapting, he is very intelligent and highly trainable.  Atlas found his FOREVER HOME in December 2018.