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Hello Friends,

We would be grateful if you would consider supporting Halfway to Home. Our rescue is funded by adoption fees and the contributions of many kind and generous people who care about assisting dogs in need. For over 20 years Halfway to Home has been helping dogs in the Antelope Valley find permanent loving homes. Through our efforts, more than 7000 dogs have been helped and EVERY dog that leaves HWTH leaves spayed or neutered. 

We employ a small staff to feed and clean up after the 70 dogs in our care. Veterinarian fees are our largest expense, followed by dog food. Our greatest need is monetary donations to cover these ongoing expenses. However, if you prefer to help by ordering from our Amazon wishlist, we have compiled a list of items we use daily at the rescue. 

We are thankful for the outpouring of love and support we have received from the community over the years and Halfway to Home continues to exist because of that support. 

With Thanks!

Suzanne and the crew at Halfway to Home


You can help provide us with items essential for the daily operations at the rescue.  Please consider purchasing food, treats and supplies through Amazon and having them sent directly to us.

Jethro in sand.jpg

As you already know, rescues and shelters everywhere are struggling to stay afloat. Halfway to Home is dealing with the same issue- too many dogs in need and very little funds.

With funds running low HWTH has had to change their dog's diets to ensure they are getting enough calories. One major concern is the puppies getting less protein than they need to thrive and develop healthily. A recent case of parvo, (brought about by an irresponsible adopter), in an 8-month-old puppy set their funds back even further.

Non-profit dog rescues rely on adoption fees to cover the cost of food, housing, and veterinary care. With adoptions at record lows, Halfway to Home’s volunteers are doing the very best they can with donations from their loyal donors. If you too share their love for dogs please consider donating to ensure these dogs get the very best care possible.

Sharing our message and sending supplies is another way to help. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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