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Senior Dog Showcase

Please call Sandy at 661-824-4495 for information about any of the dogs listed below.


Shiloh is 12 yrs old and was adopted out as a puppy years ago and then returned because he was aging and they wanted a younger dog.  He loves people and car rides but needs to be in an only dog family.

Sergeant is 6 yrs old came to us in 2014 and is well mannered and friendly but powerful so he needs an alpha adopter who would like to jog, hike or go on long walks and be willing to take him to obedience class.  

Panda Boy is 12 yrs old and has been a long time resident of HWTH, going out on adoption and being returned for young dog antics, like eating couches and jumping fences.  He is now a much calmer older boy who likes people, gets along w/ other dogs and in general is a really nice boy.

Rocky is 9 yrs old and was found on the street in 2011 and has been with HWTH since. He really needs a quiet peaceful home.

Augustine is 8 yrs old and was relinquished by her owner earlier this year. She is house trained, LOVES to be with her person all of the time and can be a bit of an escape artist when left behind.

Onyx is 7 yrs old and was found as a stray in 2014 and adopted out a few times but has been returned and he is slow to warm up to most men. He is a sweet affectionate boy to the team at the rescue, but needs a little extra time and patience. 

Hero is 7 yrs old and was the leader of the pack of 13 recently rescued in Lake Los Angeles.  He is an amazing boy full of potential to be an awesome family dog.  He does require obedience training to help with bonding to his new person.

Kayla is 8 yrs old and was rescued from the local animal shelter in 2017.  She is a beautiful, intelligent girl who needs a person who understands German Shepherds and is willing to take her to obedience classes. 

Princess is 9 yrs old and came to us in 2012 and adopted out, later found running the streets and returned to us to be reclaimed by the adopter  who then tied her in the yard and muzzled her.  Princess is looking for a loving home where the people will understand her alpha needs and love her for who she is.

Buster is 11 yrs old and is a large boy adopted out in 2009 and turned into the local animal shelter in 2018 to be put down because of his age. We rescued him again and we would like to find him a new forever home to finish out his long life. 

Blackie is 8 yrs old and was found on a ranch in 2014 where she delivered puppies and has been with HWTH since then. She is very sweet and friendly with people, but must be the only dog in the home.

Shanna is 10 yrs old and is incredibly affectionate and energetic. She is a special needs girl who requires daily medication for seizures.  She would be okay with another dog as long as it was a male.  She loves to jump up in your arms for hugs and cuddles!

Randall is 7 yrs old and was abandoned at the eastside Petsmart five years ago and has been with HWTH ever since. He loves people (but no other animals) and would make a wonderful companion. 

Buster is 10 yrs old and was rescued when another rescue closed in 2014. He loves other dogs of all sizes and gets along with most adult people. He is house trained but obedience training will help with the bonding process.