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Where can I find your dogs?

Click HERE to view all of our currently adoptable dogs. 

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How can I contact you?

If you have a question about one of our adoptable dogs, OR about relinquishing a dog to Halfway To Home, please call  661-824-4495. 

You can write us at PO Box 512 Rosamond, California 93560 

You can Email us at

What are the costs to adopt a HWTH dog?

We do our best to ask for an adoption fee that is fair to all and they vary from $250 - $600 depending on the age and breed of the dog.  Our policy is to adopt out healthy dogs that have been spayed/neutered and have their shots.  If you are adopting a puppy the puppy shots may be on-going and you would bring the puppy back to us on a given date to receive another shot until the series is done.  This service is included in the adoption fee.

What if my adoption doesn't work out?

If for any reason the adoption does not work out we will take the pet back.  If this occurs in the first week we will also refund the adoption fee to you.  After that the dog always has a home with us and if you like we will exchange the pet for another.

If your dogs need homes, why do you sometimes reject applicants? 

We reserve the right to say "NO" to an adopter.  This is not intended to be judgemental or negative in any way.  We know our dogs pretty well and can tell adopters if they are good with other dogs (large or small), kids (some only like certain age children), cats and so forth.  So, if an adopter comes in knowing what they are looking for it's easy to find a choice of dogs for them.  If the adopter is choosing a dog by looks only it doesn't always work out.

Can you take my dog? What if I find a dog? 

If you need to rehome your dog we will  need to know the reason why this is necessary as well as pertinent information about the dog.  Sometimes rehoming can be done by the owner bringing the dog to Petco every weekend, that way the rescue won't have to find space to house the pet.


If you find a stray dog we will ask you to take it to any vet to determine if the dog has a microchip.  If it does the vet will return the dog to its owner.  If not, then we will need to ask more questions about the dog and based on those answers and availability of space at the rescue we may be able to help.

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