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Stories of Adoption

We LOVE to hear back from you about how your new dog is settling into your home. Please send photos and updates to If it is okay to share on Facebook and possibly our website, please let us know that too. 



"Leo was not my first choice, he wasn’t my second, third or even my fourth. After hearing my long list of wild requirements in a dog, HWTH recommended Leo because they believed he was the best fit. Leo, did not come when he was called, didn’t listen or even acknowledge me. To him I was basically a leash holder and food dispenser. I took him to an off-leash beach; he ran away, so far that he ended up in the next beach over and was brought back by a lifeguard. I fostered him and then adopted him on July 4th, talk about an Independence Day. 

Leo present day is a master off-leash, to the point we forget the leash at home most days and he excels in agility courses.  We sleep outside under the stars when camping and I go to sleep while he goes roaming around in the wilderness, then I wake up with him right next to me. We have gone paddle boarding, kayaking, long boarding, snowboarding , off-roading and very soon I’m taking him hunting . I guess I didnt find Leo, HWTH found him for me and I’m grateful for that." ~ Anastasiya 

Brady and Jules.jpg

Brady and Jules

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day to Brady and Jules. They had a busy year. Brought them for a visit to Newfoundland Canada. They got to see snow for the first time and they absolutely love it. Had their first Newfoundland Christmas and Santa brought them lots of goodies. Got to meet lots of new people and dogs and loves Newfoundland moose. Brady had to have eye surgery last month to remove some lashes that where irritating his eye. All went well and is 100% again and back to playing and bothering his sister Jules. Jules made a big improvement with her social skills and can now visit the dog park with her brother, though she still prefers a walk and playing with her ball. Thank you to everyone from Halfway to Home for bringing them into our lives. You guys make a big difference for all the pups and families. 

-Danielle Pridham 



"Just wanted to say Hi and give you a quick Pupdate as we approach 1 year with Callie... What an AMAZING (and spoiled) Girl she has become...  Just made a little donation for you as well... Thank You Pup Angels!"- Ginger Lee Hill



"It’s been 6 months since we brought Shilo home and since you had a connection with him I thought you might enjoy a quick update to let you know that he’s doing great. We are really happy with him and he has brought us a lot of love and happiness. He has been really well behaved in the house and even gets along with the cats very well. Our 2 year old male cat is a ball of excitement and loves trying to play with Shilo. Shilo mostly ignores him but it’s still funny to watch. Our older cat steers clear of Shilo but he is totally comfortable with her.  Shilo’s health seems great. We had full blood work done over the summer and nothing of concern showed up. He’s had a healthy appetite and always has energy. We took him on an overnight camping and hiking trip and he seems to really enjoy it. We do a lot of hiking in the mountains and Shilo always has more energy than us!"



"Just a quick note to let you all know how well Sadie is doing, she has melded very well into this family. She gets to go a lot of places and has met friends and now is taking agility lessons." - Sharon Clark


Clementine (left) and Rocky

"Clementine just adores Rocky already and has since day one. She is already learning things, adapting to the routine, and doing well with her training. We are doing clicker training with her and working on sit and stay right now. She is extremely smart and already knows the clicker is something positive. She's pretty much got sit mastered and is doing well with stay (we felt training was important, and started right away). We are giving Rocky a refresher course on training, too. He doesn't need it, but it will be good for her to see him doing what he is supposed to do, and it involves Rocky in the process, and he gets extra treats, lol. She seems house trained, no accidents in the house at all. I can't believe this sweet girl waited almost 3 years at your rescue for a home. If her previous owners would have just given her the training she needed, play time and regular exercise to work off her excess energy, they would see what a great dog she is. She's already following us everywhere, and keeping a close eye on us all. She is a real people dog. And she really seems to like the routine, and daily walks. 

 She is doing really well so far." ~ Lori


Cookie (front) and Coco

"We came to Halfway to Home looking for a calm and loving dog to keep our two year old dog Coco company. The workers at Halfway to Home showed us around all the dogs and helped us find the pup that would best fit our needs. Ever since we took her home Cookie has been one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Halfway to Home took awesome care of all the dogs and treated them with nothing but kindness. They made sure she would get along with our other dog prefectly. Cookie and Coco have been best friends ever since."  Kate, 11 yrs old 



Hi papa jack!! We hope all is going well..we wanted to say hi and let

 you know that I (Sky) haven't forgotten about you!! I miss you a lot

 and wanted to show you how great I am doing with my mommy and

 daddy..we're always busy doing something..I've been shopping in

 walmart, target, bed bath and beyond, Petco, petsmart, i've even been

 in restaurants but my most favorite place is home depot!! They give me

 goodies when I go there!! Yummy!! I've even been to the doggie beach!!

 I love that place!! Papa's house is fun too..he always gives me the

 scraps he doesn't like!! I'm really loving my life and I've met a lot

 of are some pics I hope you like them!!



We hope you are all doing well! We wanted to give you a quick update. Enclosed is a photo of Nicky on a trip with us to Monterey Bay. Nicky rode in the front basket on a 4 person surrey with us and everyone who saw was cooing about how cute he was! Who could blame them?

Nicky also got to go to the beach for the first time with Dean on a walk next to our hotel. They got to sit on the beach and watch the sunset together, too! 

 Thank you so much again for all you do and letting us bring Nicky home.
 With the very best wishes, sincerely,
 Ellena and Dean



"I just wanted to let anyone who knew Bronco (I know he was with you for many years) know that he is still going strong at 16 and so so loved. He is a snuggle bug and he comes everywhere with me. What a gift he has been. Thank you again! I will visit you again for another furry friend whenever Bronco makes his trip across the rainbow bridge- hopefully not for a long time!"  -Steffi

lucy in her new home.jpg

Lucy (Rousey) on the right

Just wanted to let everyone know that Rousey, whose new name is Lucy, instantly settled into our family. Her and Max play non-stop, and she sleeps in the bed between me and my husband each night. Max and Lucy are never far from each other and wake each other up with kisses in the morning. She couldn't be a more perfect fit for our family. Lucy is an amazing girl and my husband and I will be forever grateful to HWTH for bringing her into our lives. 

Victor and Veronica (2).jpg

Nala and Scooby

We know you like a happy ending as much as we do. We first offered the "V" pups for adoption in December of 2018. Lara Buchanan happily adopted Veronica and renamed her Nala. Victor was adopted in December by another family, but returned in January of 2019 for being too shy. He was moved from the rescue in to a foster home to see if individual attention and time with a pack would bring him out of his shell. Although he thrived in this environment, he was still too shy for Petco.  In August, Lara decided to look for a companion for Nala.  She saw through Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet that we still had Victor so she brought Nala out to meet him at his foster home. The dogs did very well together so Lara took him home. One month later (and the dogs are one year old this September) Victor (now Scooby) and Nala are doing great!

Tikho and Zelda.jpg


Just a quick note to let you know that Zelda has fit into our pack wonderfully.  The introduction process went great.  She has a new boyfriend named Tikho.  (Tikho is very timid.  He spent the first year of his life with drug dealers chained to the bumper of a truck. But he absolutely loves Zelda, which has been great for both of them!  They play together constantly.)  She has slept in our bed the past two nights.  Woke me up with kisses last night because she had to go potty and was unsure about jumping down in the dark.  What a wonderful little girl she is!

Thanks so much!


Tikho on left, Zelda on right, 10 year old dog behind Zelda:

Milo red.jpg

Red (now Milo)

After months of surgery and failed rehabilitation, Red required amputation of his right front leg. But within days of his amputation his forever family drove to HWTH from Nevada to pick him up and take him home. He is adapting well and is surrounded by a large family that loves him. 

Hero's pups fx.jpg

Luc & Luci

Luc and Luci (formerly Walter and Wendy)  are the sweetest , smartest loving pups ever . I am sure their dad “ Hero “ is the same .. I pray he gets the perfect forever home soon . We are so grateful to Hero , their mom Paloma and Halfway to Home rescue for our beloved fur babies !!  Whitney Kershaw



"Mac has been doing great since we adopted him back in September 2018! He's full of energy, super social and he's growing more and more every day. A huge thank you to Halfway To Home for giving us such a perfect crazy doggo!" - The Villatora Family

Tara with her new family.jpg


Clearly Tara is well loved and will never feel a lack of affection in her new home! 


Jewel (being hugged by Jack)

"Just a quick update of Jewel after 5 weeks.  She's doing fantastic and is completely settled in with her new home and surroundings.  She's finally eating just dry food alone.  We're so happy to have her and Jack loves her too." - Bryan


Rainee and her "cousin" Bentley

"We adopted Beth (now Rainee) through Halfway To Home about a month and a half ago. Just wanted to send some updated pictures of our new member of the family. She is SUCH an incredible dog & I dont know we lived without her, so just want to thank your incredible team for all the hard work they do. Our family wouldn’t have been complete without it." - Mandi Collier

Bailey truck dog_edited.jpg


"Bailey is doing great, not scared of riding anymore, she's still a bit jumpy of loud noises. Stuck on me like glue, very good girl, hasn't used bathroom in truck, and listens well. She stays right next to me when walking. She doesn't bark. Never had a dog that didn't bark! Not one peep not once." - James Davis - long haul truck driver

Lily adopted July 1st_edited.jpg


"We just wanted to give you all an update on Lily Rose (formerly Amy). We adopted her July 1, 2018 and slowly she’s beginning to trust and love us. I can’t imagine the conditions she came from because she was such a lost scared soul when we got her. We love her so much and so do her dog sisters.

Thank you for what you do!" - Joni Meyer

Janet Smith Favorites-0011_edited.jpg

Rico, Coco & Storm

"We came looking for a small dog for our family in December of 2012 just after my youngest child turned four. We met Rico and Storm (brothers) and immediately saw that two dogs for two children would be a better idea for our family. Just when we thought our fur family was complete, we met and adopted Coco in 2017."                   Janet Smith



"When I decided that I wanted to get involved with the sport of flyball, I began looking for another dog to be my flyball dog. I saw Kendra's picture and decided I would like to meet her. I made the trip to Palmdale and when I met her the first thing I did was see if she would play with a  ball because if she was not interested in the ball I was going to keep looking for another puppy. But Kendra showed interest so I decided to adopt her. I have had Kendra for almost 3 years now and she has been a wonderful dog.  She tries very hard to learn the things I want to teach her and although she is still a little shy with strangers, the time it takes for her to accept a new person is getting shorter. In the time that I have had Kendra, she has earned her akc star puppy title, akc canine good citizen title, UFLI top flight levels 1,2 and 3 and NAFA Flyball Dog and Flyball dog excellent. Kendra has attended classes in obedience, rally and K9 fitness as well.  She is always ready to go for a car ride and  she is a happy , well mannered dog." - Rhonda Harhausen

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